Professional makeup artist Cyndi Oshodi is an artistic, creative and spirited being. She loves the transformative power of makeup and its ability to completely change a face. 

Driven by her slight obsession and personal exploration with cosmetic products, she began working with MAC cosmetics. She trained with the best makeup artists and collaborated with talented beauty photographers shaping her signature style and attention to detail. While makeup is most often used to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty or make an artistic, colorful statement, Cyndi enjoys those rare opportunities when she can use it to reveal a completely different persona.

Cyndi is committed to being present and professional on each job. Says one client, “Cyndi is my most reliable asset on set. She is able to handle detailed instructions, maintain a positive attitude and offer helpful solutions in the most challenging of scenarios.” 

She is adept at working with a myriad of skin tones and personalities. Her primary focus is beauty and fashion.